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Saturday, 28 November 2015

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2015 Canberra Junior 7s Results


Age Winner Results
U9 Drummoyne Results
U10 Blue Mountains Results
U11 St Patricks Results
U12 Canterbury Results
U13 Spartans Results
U14 Vikings Results


2015 Canberra Junior 7s Draw

The first and second registration periods are now over with the field finalised in each age group. 

Tables containing the finals registrations for each age group and the draws are below. 

Draws and event information have been sent out to all teams coaches/managers so if your team hasn't received anything, let the club know and we will send it out.

A venue map for this years event can be found here


U9s Draw

# Age Team
1 U9 Uni-Norths Owls
2 U9 Hills Rugby
3 U9 Norwest Bulls
4 U9 Canberra Grammar School
5 U9 Rockdale
6 U9 Beecroft Cherrybrook
7 U9 Clovelly
8 U9 Yass
9 U9 Vikings
10 U9 Wahroonga
11 U9 Hillview Eastwood
12 U9 Drummoyne
13 U9 Cowra
14 U9 North Rocks


U10s Draw

# Age Team
1 U10 Uni-Norths Owls Black
2 U10 Hills Rugby
3 U10 Norwest Bulls
4 U10 Canterbury
5 U10 Marist College Blue
6 U10 Lane Cove
7 U10 Canberra Grammar School
8 U10 Clovelly
9 U10 Blacktown Scorpians
10 U10 Blue Mountains
11 U10 Collaroy
12 U10 Uni-Norths Owls Green
13 U10 Marist College Royal
14 U10 Blacktown Scorpians


U11s Draw

# Age Team
1 U11 Uni-Norths Owls
2 U11 Hills Rugby
3 U11 Canterbury
4 U11 Beecroft Cherrybrook
5 U11 Dural
6 U11 Lane Cove
7 U11 Canberra Grammar School
8 U11 St Edmunds College
9 U11 Harbord Harlequins
10 U11 Petersham
11 U11 Clovelly
12 U11 Yass
13 U11 South Coogee
14 U11 St Patricks


U12s Draw

# Age Team
1 U12 Easts
2 U12 Hills Rugby
3 U12 Marist College
4 U12 Canterbury
5 U12 Lane Cove Gold
6 U12 Beecroft Cherrybrook
7 U12 Dural
8 U12 Canberra Grammar School
9 U12 Blue Mountains A
10 U12 Yass
11 U12 Vikings
12 U12 Lane Cove Blue
13 U12 Blue Mountains White
14 U12 Northern Barbarians


U13s Draw

# Age Team
1 U13 Uni-Norths Owls
2 U13 Parramatta Barbarians
3 U13 Canterbury A
4 U13 Cooma Red Devils
5 U13 Northern Barbarians
6 U13 Wests Larkham
7 U13 Wahroonga
8 U13 Hillview Eastwood
9 U13 Canterbury B
10 U13 Blacktown Scorpians
11 U13 Wests Wild Bunch 
12 U13 Spartans


U14s Draw

# Age Team
1 U14 Uni-Norths Owls
2 U14 Canterbury
3 U14 Beecroft Cherrybrook
4 U14 Cooma Red Devils
5 U14 ACT Rebels
6 U14 Clovelly
7 U14 Vikings
8 U14 St Patricks
9 U14 Gungahlin
10 U14 Canberra Grammar School
11 U14 Oakhill College
12 U14 Radford College
13 U14 Penrith RSL Orange
14 U14 Penrith RSL Green



2015 Canberra Junior 7s Carnival

The 2015 Canberra Junior 7's carnival will occur on Sunday 13th September.  

The carnival will again be played at O'Connor ovals, the same site as the 2014 carnival, catering for the age groups of U9's through to U14s. 

Registrations for the 2015 carnival will be split in to two rounds. The first round allows all clubs to register at most one side in all age groups. The second round will allow clubs to full any remaining position in any age group.

The first round of registrations open on Thursday 25th June 2015 from 9am and closes on Wednesday 29th July 2015 at 5pm. 

The second round of registrations open on Monday 3rd August 2015 from 9am and close on Friday 26th August 2015 at 5pm.

Registration forms for this years event can be found here.

The first round registration dates are primarily for schools to receive the registration email, and determine if they will submit sides during last week of semester 1, school holidays and the first week of semester 2.

Future updates for the 2015 Canberra Junior 7s Carnival will be made on this page or via the offical twitter account of @CBRJnr7s

A full list of all registered teams for each age group will be put online at the end of the first registration period allowing all clubs to know where vacancies exist to enter more teams if required.


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